Critical Speed Limits Chart for Lead Screws and Rolled Ball Screws

Every screw shaft has a rotational speed limit. That is the point at which the rotational speed sets up excessive vibration. This critical point is modified by the type of end bearing support used.To use this chart, determine the required rpm and the maximum length between bearing supports. Next, select one of the four types of end support shown below. The critical speed limit can be found by locating the point at which rpm (horizontal lines) intersects with the unsupported screw length (vertical lines) as modified by the type of supports selected below. We recommend operating at no more than 80% of the critical speed limit to allow for misalignment and/or lack of screw straightness. If speed falls into dotted line, consult factory.

Warning: Curves for the screw diameters shown are based on the smallest root (minor) diameter of the standard screws within the nominal size range and truncated at the maximum ball nut rotational speed. DO NOT EXCEED this rpm regardless of screw length.

Content re-posted from Thompson BSA