UIM243XX stepping motor controllers are series of microprocessor embedded, voltage control, miniature stepping motor controller.Its biggest feature is the small size and the driving ability. They can be mounted onto NEMA 17 / 23 series stepping motor seamlessly through corresponding flanges. With UIM243XXA/B advanced acceleration function by embedded microprocessors, motors can ramp up to 1900 RPM in 0.3 seconds (Based on Ž1.8° motor) , it can avoid crash caused by the fast start up frequency. Users can set the speed by fine-tune the resistance (UIM243XXA) or through an external adjustable potentiometer (UIM243XXB) or use 0-5V voltage. Once powered on, it can run without host computer’s control. Its high-speed current compensation can compensate for the impact caused by back-EMF when the motor is running at high speed. The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum which provides a rugged, durable protection and improves the heat dissipation.

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Stepping Motor Port
A+ /A-Stepping motor's A phase wiring
B+ /B-Stepping motor's AB phase wiring
Connection Port
Port SymbolDescription
1V+Positive Voltage: 12-38VDC ( Note: Max voltage is different between 243Lxx amd 243 Cxx)
2GNDGround Voltage: 0V
3ENAOff-line signal; low level (with GND connected), the rotor is in a free state; Motor can be controlled with high-level or free state
4ONStop or start; low when the motor lock; high. Motor can be controlled with high-level or free state
5H/LSpeed gear setting; Low-level for low speed, high-level or free state for high speed
6DIRDirectional signal input, H/L level control steering, free sate or high-level
7Vr5V output, as a reference voltage
8SPDSpeed voltage input (0-5V)


Control Mode (TA: 25°C)
Communication 4-wire interface: Run/Stop, Direction, offline/enable, high/low speed
On-board Trimmer10KΩ
Ext. Potentiometer10KΩ
Direct Voltage0-5VDC
Electrical Characteristics (TA: 25°C)
Supply Power Voltage 12-38 VDC (Note: Max voltage is different between 243Lxx and 243Cxx)
Motor Output CurrentMax 2A/4A/8A (instruction adjustable)
Driving ModeChopper constant current PWM control
Stepping resolution1/16 micro-stepping
Speed range8Hz-102KHz: 0.15-1912.5RPM (<1.8° motor)
Environment Requirements
CoolingFree air
EnvironmentAvoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
Temperature-40°C ~+85°C
Humidity<80%RH, no condensation, no frosting
Vibration 3GMAX



Catalog Page: UIM243.pdf