UIM241XX controllers are miniature stepping motor controllerswith RS232 communication protocol. They can be mounted ontoNEMA 17/23/34/43 series stepping motor seamlessly through corresponding flanges. The user controls the UIM241XX motion controller via RS232 commands. The instruction structure is simple, high fault tolerance. It can be operated by users who know nothing about the stepping motor drive. UIM241XX controllers support open-loop and quadrature encoder (QE) closed-loop control. With UIM241XX  advanced motion control, selected NEMA 23 motors can ramp up to 4000 RPM in 0.25 seconds (Based on Ž1.8° motor) .The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum which provides a rugged, durable protection and improves the heat dissipation.

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Stepping Motor Port
A+ /A-Stepping motor's A phase wiring
B+/ B-Stepping motor's B phase wiring
Connection Port
1V+Positive Voltage: 12-48 VDC (Note: Max voltage is different between 242Lxx, 242Cxx and 242Hxx)
2GNDGround voltage: 0V (Positive and negative can not be wrong)
3RXTo the RX pin on user device
4TXTo the TX pin on user device
5GNDTo signal ground on user device
6AGAnalog Input
7S1Sensor Signal Input 1
8S2Sensor Signal Input 2
9S3Sensor Signal Input 3


Micro-intergrated Design

• Miniature size 42.3mm x 42.3mm x 42.3mm

• Integral design design to fit most motors, work independently as well

• Made of die-cast aluminum which provide a rugged, durable protection and improves the heat dissipation

Embedded DSP Microprocessor

• Hardware DSP, 64 bit calculation precision

• Linear/ non-linear acceleration/ deceleration

• S-curve, PT/ PVT position control

• Support quadrature encoder, closed loop control

• 3 sensor input ports, includes 2 12-bit analog input ports

• 10 programmable real-time event base change notifications

• 13 programmable actions triggered by 8 sensor events

Motor Drive Characteristics

• 14-48VDC input voltage

• 1 to 16th micro stepping, dual full H-bridge with PWM constant current control, online controlled offline/enable

• Accurate subdivision and current control, selected NEMA 17/23 motors can ramp up to 4000 RPM

Communication Characteristics

• RS232 3-wire serial communication

• Max baud rate 57600bps



Catalog Page: UIM241.pdf
StepEva Software: StepEva3.4.3.zip