MSL-17-15-RB series

Diameter: 17 mm
Length: 15 mm


Nominal Voltage V3668.47.4
No Load Speed rpm1663026300326804220044228
No Load Current mA127190215238317
Nominal Speed rpm1247021697285953819140910
Nominal Torque mNm11111
Nominal Current A0.670.620.780.730.93
Stall Torque
Stall CurrentA2.322.664.805.568.60
Max Efficiency%6662686970
Motor Constant
Terminal Resistance Ω1.
Torque Constant mNm/A1.695.141.721.861.57
Speed Constant rpm/V55434383544750245977
Ambient Temperature°C-10° - 40°C
Max Winding Temperature°C130°C
Max Speedrpm50000
Number of Pole Pairs1
No. of the Commutator Segments3

Pinout Chart
Pin 1 - 3Motor Power
Pin 4Ground
Pin 5 - 7Halls
Pin 8V 2 - 18V

Speed Torque Curve