• 60 mm Frame Size Brushless Servo Motor
  • 8 Pole, 3 Phase Motor
  • 18 Slot Distribution Winding
  • Skewed Stator Designed for Low Cogging
  • 2,500 PPR Incremental Encoder
  • Insulation Class F

Custom windings, shaft features, connectors, and motor face dimensions available. Contact us for more information. To purchase a sample, please visit

Performance Data

Supply VoltageVDC3648
Rated Speed at Continuous TorqueRPM40003000
Torque Constant (Kt)Nm/A0.05730.0745
Voltage Constant (Ke)V/krpm4.25.8
Rated Continuous TorqueNm0.300.531.30
Rated Continuous Stall CurrentA5.749.8418.41
Rated Continuous Output PowerW124223410
Motor ConstantNm√ W0.07400.09980.1408
Terminal ResistanceΩ0.600.330.28
Rated Peak CurrentA22.1130.7856.89
Rated Peak TorqueNm1.201.694.05
Coulomb Friction TorqueNm0.0100.0170.025
Rotor Inertiakg.m²1.00E-061.50E-042.66E-03
Motor Lengthmm101113141
Motor WeightKg0.851.081.54
Feedback Device2500 p/rev Incremental Encoder
Insulation ClassF


Speed Torque Curves


2D Dimensional Drawing: SV060AS-XXX.pdf

3D STEP File :