UIM242XX are miniature stepping motor controllers with CAN networking capability. They can be mounted onto NEMA 17 / 23 / 34 / 43 series stepping motor seamlessly through corresponding flanges. The thickness is less than 16.5mm. CAN bus communication has many advantages like High-speed, long-distance and anti-jamming. With CAN bus gatewayUsers can control IM242XX controller with long-distance and high-speed by turning RS232 instructions into CAN protocol instructions. Users can control up to 100 sets UIM242XX controllers at the same time only by one CAN bus gateway. UIM242XX controllers support open-loop and quadrature encoder (QE) closed-loop control. With UIM242XX advanced motion control, motors can ramp up to 4000 RPM in 0.25 seconds (Based on ∠1.8° motor). Embedded 64-bit calculation precision DSP controller guarantees the real time control process, motion control and event change notification can be completed in 1-2 milliseconds. The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum which provides a rugged, durable protection and improves the heat dissipation.

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Stepping Motor Port
A+ /A-#colspan#Stepping motor's A phase wiring
B+/ B-Stepping motor's B phase wiring
Connection Port
1V+Positive Voltage: 12-48 VDC (Note: Max voltage is different between 242Lxx, 242Cxx and 242Hxx)
2GNDGround voltage: 0V (Positive and negative can not be wrong)
3CANHCAN signal dominant high
4CANLCAN signal dominant low
5AGAnalog ground of Sensor input
6S1Sensor Signal Input 1
7S2Sensor Signal Input 1
8S3Sensor Signal Input 1
9P4TTL output


Communication Mode (TA: 25°C)
ProtoolActive CAN 2.0B
Wiring Method2-wire, CANH, CANL, Twisted pair cable
CAN bus driverSupport 1 Mb/operation
Differential bus, short circuit/ high voltage thermal shutdown protection
Up to 100 nodes can be connected
Electrical Characteristics (TA: 25°C)
Supply Power Voltage 12-48 VDC
Motor Output CurrentMax 2A/4A/8A, instruction adjustable
Driving ModePWM constant current control
Stepping resolution1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 micro-stepping
Insulation resistance>100MΩ
Dielectric strength0.5KV in 1 minute
Environment Requirements
CoolingFree air
EnvironmentAvoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
Temperature-40°C ~+85°C
Humidity<80%RH, no condensation, no frosting



Catalog Page: UIM242.pdf