JWC-SR Series

  • Coupling assembled by pressing a polyurethane sleeve into hub on both sides
  • Can absorb vibration, parallel, and angular misalignment as well as shaft end-play
  • Identical clockwise and counterclockwise rotational characteristic
  • Resistance to oil and electrical insulation
  • Aluminum Alloy Body, Polyurethane Sleeve
  • Set screw type
  • Errors of Eccentricity: 0.02 mm
  • Errors of Angularity: 1.0ยบ
  • Errors of Shaft End-Play: +0.60 mm

Technical Properties

Part #Rated Torque (Nm)Max. Torque (Nm)Max. Speed (rpm)Moment of Inertia (Kg.m2)Static Torsional Stiffness (Nm/rad)Mass (g)
JWC14SR1.12.2190005.9 x 10-44626
JWC20SR2.85.6170006.5 x 10-45537
JWC25SR6.012160007.6 x 10-46342
JWC30SR6.513150008.5 x 10-47246
JWC40SR3264130001.1 x 10-3550148
JWC55SR4692105004.4 x 10-31500350
JWC65SR10921883009.0 x 10-32800572
JWC80SR13527070001.8 x 10-23500950
JWC95SR26052060002.0 x 10-346001800
JWC105SR43086055003.2 x 10-358002400


Part #D (mm)d1/d2 (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)L2 (mm)L3 (mm)Clamp Screw ThreadClamp Screw Wrench Torque (Nm)
JWC14SR142 ~ 722763.5M31
JWC20SR204 ~ 10301085.0M41.3
JWC25SR254 ~ 123411105.0M41.5
JWC30SR308 ~ 163511105.0M41.7
JWC40SR4014 ~ 2466251210M54.0
JWC55SR5514 ~ 2878301410M54.0
JWC65SR6519 ~ 3890351515M815
JWC80SR8024 ~ 45114451815M815
JWC95SR9530 ~ 55126502020M815
JWC105SR10535 ~ 60140562120M815


Mach Motion Products Coupling Catalog: Mach Coupling Catalog.pdf