JWC-CZ Series

  • Use locking assemblies for connecting curved jaw type flexible coupling
  • Zero Backlash
  • Excellent response and high torque capacity
  • Identical clockwise and counterclockwise rotational characteristic
  • Can absorb shaft end play, vibration, parallel and angular misalignment
  • For servo motor and step motor connection
  • Errors of Eccentricity: 0.02 mm
  • Errors of Angularity: 1.0º

Technical Properties

Part #Rated Torque
Max. Torque
Max. Speed
Moment of Inertia
Static Torsional Stiffness
Errors of Shaft End Play (mm)
JWC35CZ7.414.8200008.7 x 10-451050+0.6
JWC40CZ9.519150001.12 x 10-3550120+0.8
JWC55CZ3468130004.5 x 10-31510280+0.8
JWC65CZ95190105009.2 x 10-32800450+0.8
JWC85CZ13527086001.9 x 10-23600960+1
JWC95CZ23046075002.2 x 10-247002310+1
JWC3105CZ38076060003.3 x 10-258003090+1


Part #D (mm)d1/d2 (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)W (mm)Clamp Screw ThreadClamp Screw Wrench Torque (Nm)
JWC35CZ358 ~ 145018.513M3(4)1.3
JWC40CZ4011 ~ 20662516M4(6)2.7
JWC55CZ5514 ~ 28783018M5(4)6.0
JWC65CZ6519 ~ 38903520M5(8)6.0
JWC85CZ8524 ~ 451144524M6(8)10
JWC95CZ9530 ~501265026M8(4)35
JWC105CZ10535 ~ 601405628M8(4)35


Mach Motion Products Coupling Catalog: Mach Coupling Catalog.pdf