Success Stories – Variable Speed Fluid Pump

An industrial manufacturer that uses a precisely-controlled fluid pump was struggling with speed variations in their current system. They would adjust the drive to the correct speed before shipment, but since it was potentiometer controlled, temperature and time caused the speed to change. This of course changed performance on their system. Since they produced 6 different sizes of machines, they needed 6 different speeds for the fluid pump.

Mach Motion Products offered a brushless gearmotor along with a customized drive to solve their problem. The custom drive was configured with 6 dip switches allowing for the 6 different speeds. Additionally, the drive was programmed to use the halls in a manner similar to an encoder so over time, the speed variation is less than 0.01 percent which far exceeded the customer’s previous approach.

Since the customer had both 115VAC and 230VAC applications, a power supply was provided that automatically output the 24VDC needed for the brushless drive and motor regardless of what input voltage was provided. In the end, the customer was able to utilize just one series of products for every machine reducing inventory and providing the perfect solution.