Custom Drives

Mach Motion Products specializes in manufacturing custom drives. We can build just about anything you have in mind! Send an email to or give us a call at 206-925-3785 to discuss your project. Examples of some of our recent custom drives are below.

Custom DC Brush Motor Drive
dc_brushA customer required special performance for a Permanent Magnet DC motor. This drive digitally controls the performance of the motor using a remote control.

Custom Dual Axis Brushless Motor Drive
dual_axis_thumbWhen two drives needed to be mounted in a unique space on the customers machine, we designed a single custom board containing both drives and utilizing CanOPEN control interface.

Custom Brushless Motor Velocity Drive
Velocity_thumbA 24VDC brushless velocity only drive is packaged according to customer specifications in a tight space. This drive, measuring only 1.9 in x 2 in is capable of delivering 5 amps continuously.