Custom Motors

Mach Motion Products specializes in manufacturing custom motors. We can build just about anything you have in mind! Send an email to or give us a call at 206-925-3785 to discuss your project. Any motor on our site can be customized for your application. Examples of some of our recent custom motors are below.

Custom Frameless Brushless Motor
frameless_thumbThis high torque brushless motor had to be fit into an extremely small package. Utilizing thin film technology, the halls and power leads can be connected to the drive adding only a small amount to the height dimension

Custom Brushless Motor
hach_thumbCustom brushless motor designed to be used in a pump application. The Motor is sealed to prevent liquid contamination.

Stepper Motor with Custom Gearbox
hanna_thumbThis stepper motor is attached to a custom built right-angle gearbox. This gearbox contains a custom dual-shaft configuration, for attaching an encoder directly to the gearbox.

Custom Frameless Motor
ss_thumbThis Custom Frameless motor is designed to fit perfectly in an existing housing.

Custom Motor / Axel Combonation
gb_thmbCustom drive axel motor for a motorized skateboard.

Custom Gearbox
Custom-MotorFour stage, high torque for tools.

Custom Brushless
Custom-MotorPumping Application, Custom Fin Enclosure